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For individuals with special needs, we can create custom helmets based on detailed measurements of the head. Though the construction process of can take up to 60 days, you can be sure to get a helmet made to your specification. Our helmets are made of soft nylon for maximum comfort and versatility.


Get the best customer service in Central New Jersey and Pennsylvania. At Eastern Pedorthics, we pride ourselves on making our customers feel as comfortable as possible from the fitting to the final product.

Safe Headgear with a Comfortable Fit

Additional headgear for a custom fit

Our helmets allow for a more custom fit with extras such as face shields. In addition to the custom fit that our helmets provide, we offer a large selection of extras for your individual needs.


Whether you need a helmet for protection from abusive behavior or another specific behavior, we have a solution for you. Click here for a customized helmet.

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Affordable Protective Helmets

with a Custom Fit